dryTools has merged with Alchemy.
dryTools’ complete technology platform is now used to build Alchemy, an enterprise-grade SaaS platform for the specialty chemicals industry.

What we do

We’re on a mission to help developers deliver better software faster.

The idea of developing an easy to use tool which would give programmers a new way of developing web and mobile applications was brewing in our heads since 2014. As a group of experienced programmers, we found ourselves faced with too many long nights and working weekends writing code for all of the projects we had.

The motivation for building our tool was one of pure necessity. We didn’t want to waste any more nights and weekends. Soon, we realised that others would benefit from such a tool. Everybody wants to focus on creative tasks and leave the dull work to be done by somebody else. Well, we made that "somebody else" and used all of our industry expertise into developing it.

The team

After developing the idea as a side project for almost a year, we realised that we want to dedicate ourselves full-time to making the tool ready for public use. The time was right, as the founding team has been working together for almost a decade and felt for a long time that they need to make a disruption in the programming world.

Now, we are a fully dedicated team of eight making everyday developer lives easier, more productive and fun.

We take pride in our team and foster a family-like spirit among ourselfs.


the idea of a easy to use DSL was born
Summer of 2014
team of two developers starts building a proof of concept
August 2014
dryTools is officialy founded
June 2015
dryTools receives an investment from SCVentures
March 2016
dryTools goes semi public and has first customers
April 2016

A look to the future

Our mission is to help developers spend more time on meaningful programming, speeding up the development cycle and in the end making programming even more fun for all. We know that we are on a long path and that we will hit many bumps, but we know that on the path of big ideas there are always obstacles. Onwards to disruption!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time, we'd love to chat with you.