dryTools has merged with Alchemy.
dryTools’ complete technology platform is now used to build Alchemy, an enterprise-grade SaaS platform for the specialty chemicals industry.

Deliver you product in days — not months

Developers don't have much time for writing repeatable code with no business value. Their focus should be on building quality products, not doing menial tasks.

Our model-driven software development methodology allows you to develop your project in a matter of days, not months, by providing you with highly customizable and standardized source code throughout the whole project.

Besides that, you get the development, build and deployment environment setup out of the box, so you'll never again lose your valuable time setting up.

We are here to guide and support you through the whole development cycle. Our core engineering team will always be there to help you out and watch your back.

Use case

  • Your development team has a new web application to develop.
  • Rather than directly diving into writing code for scratch, your team starts working with us on writing the specifications of the application in our tailor-made DSL - dry.
  • The specification is used as an input for our tool, and as a result, you get customizable source code.
  • In addition, the team gets the build, deployment, and development environment - delivered in a docker file. Your team will have one less thing to worry about.
  • You keep consulting with us and we tweak the specifications together and deliver you new source code as needed. Enabling you to use our tooling, while always having us to support and guide you through the project.
  • The end result being that you have a team that's fully suited to use dry on future projects.


  • Specification

    Specify your application models, API's, security and setup constraints

  • Validation

    Specification is checked for errors, corner cases and problems that might occur for a specific platform

  • Enrichment

    Your definition is then extended with features required to make the application as complete as possible

  • Templates

    Specification is then transferred to technology specific templates that generate the source code exactly how you would write it