Visiting the prestigious École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne — EPFL

We were lucky enough to be invited to the yearly meeting of the SCOPES program lead by professor Viktor Kuncak at EPFL in Lausanne. Amongst other, professor Kuncak is leading the LARA lab (Laboratory for Automated Reasoning and Analysis).

dryVisit to Scala Center

At this point we have to give a big thanks to Tihomir Gvero, professor Kuncak’s former Ph.D. student, who had introduced us in the first place.

We were invited to visit EPFL as a part of a group of professors from the University of Novi Sad, and present our product and progress we are making on it in front prof. Kuncak, and EPFL’s Ph.D. students.

the crew

Here’s the presentation from the lecture, if you’re wondering about it:

And here is a video:

During the visit, we had a chance to meet up with Heather Miller, the executive director of Scala Centre and get her feedback on our tool. Heather gave us valuable feedback on what we can do to make the product more complete and more enticing for a wider developer community.

Also, we talked about the possibilities on how our team could contribute to Scala community through Scala Centre. We were very excited to have a chance to meet with Martin Odersky and have a lunch meeting about gradual typing.

Larning part

Al in all, it was an amazing experience visiting EPFL and meeting all the people that are working on implicit programming and how are working daily on improving Scala as a language. We will do our best to further develop cooperation between LARA lab, professor Kuncak and our company.

Marko Gaćeša

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