Sparking at one of the biggest regional startup meetups

Last weekend I had a great pleasure of attending and pitching our startup at If you’re wondering what’s, it’s an awesome two-day regional startup conference /slash/ startup competition in Budva, with over 500 people attending. My only regret for the whole event, I didn’t bring any swimming trunks. At least, there is always the next year. :)

But really, being so close to the sea is such a major perk. You even get some time to run away from your daily routine and have a bit of r’n’r. Kudos for the location folks, kudos! 👏

The learning part, aka the lectures

Speakers were from all walks of digital life, from ex-MI5 officers to project managers at Facebook. In all, a really good mix of entrepreneurs and people with astonishing careers and experiences, and let’s not forget the investors.

Larning part

The biggest impression on me was left by Tony Conrad’s and Paul Papadimitriou’s lectures. Simply amazing, the way they held the attention and all the experiences they shared! To say the least, these guys really sparked my mind. They were actually speaking about their experiences and giving us an insight into what they are doing at the moment. Tony shared the plans for’s future and how he’s deciding on where to invest next. Paul gave out some very interesting numbers about the industry trends. One of them being that in the next 5 years it’s expected that there will be around 1 billion women entering the workplace worldwide.

The startup competition part

In all, there were ten of us startup-ers competing, pitching the best we could in front of a seasoned group of judges (Marvin from, Dilyan from, Dave from Seedcamp and Predrag from


One thing that got me really excited was that 7 out of 10 startups had women founders pitching. O’ boy did they gave me a hard time. Somehow, we managed to go to the finals and in the finals win the competition. Yaayyyy for us! Next stop TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco, wish us luck or at least a nice flight.

The win

Thank you all for the support and thanks to the judges for roasting me nicely in the Q&A.

A BIG thanks to the organizers for the excellent organization and especially for making it so painless to do the transfer from the airport to the hotel and back, not mentioning arranging all of the accommodations. A really great and dedicated team, excellent work!

Marko Gaćeša

Co-founder of dryTools. Ex-developer turned product maker, working across many areas in the company. Simply put, Marko just likes to make it happen. He is often seen going down mountains on skis or without them. Passionate about relaxing by the seaside. Above all, he's a family man and enjoys every moment he spends with family.