Exploring the hidden forces of startups at Podim

Startups are one of the main forces behind today’s society’s progress and development. We can find countless cases of hidden forces of startups transforming the environments we work in, the markets in which we operate, the way organizations do business and, last but not least, the values of a society.

Say hello to PODIM! One of the largest conferences on startups, entrepreneurship, and innovation in the Alps-Adriatic region, with over 900 people attending. An immersive event that no true entrepreneur or intrapreneur should miss! Best of all it was held at the beautiful Maribor.

I got the chance to be there this year! :)

PODIM conference

The conference was full of real life startup stories and I was one of the lucky ones that got a chance to both learn from so many exceptional entrepreneurs and share my knowledge. Hopefully, some of the people were attending PODIM learned a thing or two from me also, as I was one of the people speaking.


I shared my two cents on the ups and downs of developing a complex product. I was on the stage participating a panel discussion with four more entrepreneurs and Igor Tasic discussing the biggest lows in our startup and difficulties we face on the everyday basis. It’s not as bad as it sounds. Startup-life surely has much more ups than downs, and it fulfills one in a far more profound way than working for traditional consultancy based business. I hope I gave useful advice to the future and present entrepreneurs.

In short, my advice was simple: Get a job and work hard for 4 to 5 years. Rapidly gain experience. If you manage to be identified as a leader and an expert in your field, you have a high probability of making it as an entrepreneur. And to be real, just try. If you fail, try again.

PODIM conference

There was also a lot of investors, who were highly available to startups. I had a couple of nice chats in that department also.

Kudos to the PODIM crew! The organization was amazing. They really made sure that all the speakers were taken care off. With a great welcome and an even greater ending.

Definitely, a place to be for early and not so early stage startups!

Marko Gaćeša

Co-founder of dryTools. Ex-developer turned product maker, working across many areas in the company. Simply put, Marko just likes to make it happen. He is often seen going down mountains on skis or without them. Passionate about relaxing by the seaside. Above all, he's a family man and enjoys every moment he spends with family.