dryTools has merged with Alchemy.
dryTools’ complete technology platform is now used to build Alchemy, an enterprise-grade SaaS platform for the specialty chemicals industry.

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We like to work with smart and organized clients and cultivate openness, respect, and humanity. We’re firm believers in good, old fashioned clean code.

We are an independent team of experienced developers helping you and your team excel by delivering highly readable and clean source code that you want.

Our main advantages are our company culture, vast experience with multifaceted projects, and a team in which each individual brings their own strengths to the table.

Meet the team


Co-founder of dryTools. Ex-developer turned product maker, working across many areas in the company. Simply put, Marko just likes to make it happen. He is often seen going down mountains on skis or without them. Passionate about relaxing by the seaside. Above all, he's a family man and enjoys every moment he spends with family.


dryTools co-founder. In love with Scala, highly obsessed with software architecture and refactoring. Besides coding Duško preaches about startups and startup culture in his home town of Inđija. He's known as the bearded geek around the office and often reminiscences the times he played tight end in an a local football team. Above all other he's a father and husband.


Co-founded dryTools. He is a flow driven — simple logic kind of a developer. Tough as nails, bald as a bowling bowl and kind as Nikola can only be. He's a bit of exercise freak — you'll find him running, cycling, lifting weights and doing Kendo. Serial traveler. Nikola is trying to live a meaningful life — with fewer bicycles and more riding.


Front-end developer and user experience designer with a high appreciation for simplicity in both code and life. Marija is passionate about food, vegan food to be precise. She enjoys discovering new parts of the world, and so far India is her favourite. You'll regularly see her exercising and when the rest of the team stops nagging her you'll find her chilling out with her dogs.


Front-end developer by day, back-end developer by night. Nikola is all lean about software architecture. When he's not in front of the code you'll find him powerlifting in the gym. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, fishing and exploring various cuisines. Also, you'll often find him behind the steering wheel with a big smile, passing you on the highway.


Enjoys making tools and exploring ideas that make developers lives easier. Branko likes to be helpful to others and tries to improve himself on a daily basis. On the other hand, he's a party animal. The team is often amazed at Branko's partying stories. When not behind a keyboard, he's getting his adrenaline up bungee jumping. Although, nobody has seen him do it. Secretly wishes he was a Texan.


Marketing guy with tech in the heart and marketing in his blood. When not working, you'll find Filip cultivating a vigorous spirit through Kendo. He also enjoys spending time hanging out with his mountain bike and snapping photos, striving to become a decent amateur photographer. Often, you'll find him glorifying Srem and giving out food criticism around the office.

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