dryTools has merged with Alchemy.
dryTools’ complete technology platform is now used to build Alchemy, an enterprise-grade SaaS platform for the specialty chemicals industry.

Helping you deliver better software faster

We help developers make better web and mobile applications with our tooling and expertise. With dryTools as your partner you take out the dull work out of coding, so your team can focus on what matters the most — building the product.

Make grunt work obsolete

Save development time

Nobody likes to lose time by having to write tedious source code from scratch. Get high-quality source code in a fraction of the time, letting your team utilize their skill-set to the utmost.

Reduce the number of errors

No more repetitive work. With dryTools you avoid tedious and repetitive code, meaning there is less chance for human error. dryTools source code is simple and squeaky clean.

Setup ready out of the box

Never waste your time again on setting up development, build or deployment environment. Get it all neatly packaged in Docker containers. Just sit down and make the best application possible.

Technologies we support

Server side


On the server side we support Java. Java with accompanying frameworks and tools like SpringBoot with Spring MVC, Querydsl, Dropwizard Metrics, Liquibase and others.

Client side


On the web side we support frameworks like Angular and Bootstrap with Less, Bower and Gulp as component managers, and CSS preprocessor SASS is coming soon.

...and of course, we pack it all into Docker - enabled environment

Not seeing the stack you want? Let's talk.

Work smarter with dryTools

Using model-driven approach, we help you deliver your production-grade applications in a fraction of a time

dry process — in short

  • Your team has an insane deadline to deliver a web application from scratch
  • Instead of jumping straight into the code and letting all hell break loose, we help your team model your application in our specification DSL
  • From that specification, most of the source code required for your app is derived, complete with setup and production-ready features
  • Your team adds actual business logic to the source code
  • We are there for you throughout the whole process to help you expand and tweak your specification and application as requirements change

With us as your partner, you'll develop applications at least 40% faster

What developers say about dryTools

Nemanja Maksimović
CTO WolkAbout
As a company with heavy emphasis on R&D, we have successfully leveraged dryTools to quickly iterate through our ideas, validate assumptions and proceed with development efficiently. dryTools helped us turn what would be long hours of tedious manual labor, into fulfilling work — using simple and expressive DSL to design and integrate components of our project. Kudos to the dryTools team!
Dejan Stefanović
Head of R&D at RT-RK
We're always trying to incorporate the best programming practices in our products. With dryTools, we've got just that! Our development process skyrocketed, as we could concentrate on building the core of our application instead of wasting time on menial tasks. On top of that drySupport was awesome, they took really good care of us. Exceptional experience!